Here you will find the comfort of your own home set in the natural background of the Dolomites.
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Val di Fassa

“Swathed” by the mountains, the Val di Fassa is ready to welcome you among the wonders of the Dolomites

Among the several destinations to choose from in order to spend a holiday in the Trentino area, the  Val di Fassa is worthy of special mention.

This is an area, as its name suggests, that is “fasciato” (swathed) by the mountains and what spectacular mountains! The Fassa Dolomites are mountains that are fascinating from sunrise to sunset when they are tinged with their characteristic pink hue, and for this very reason they are also called Rosen Garten.

The municipalities of the Val di Fassa

Every town of the Val di Fassa has its own particular style yet it is still blends harmoniously into the general climate of the valley, the only one in the entire Trentino area in which the ancient Ladin language is still spoken.

The 7 municipalities of the Val di Fassa are as follows:

  • - Moena - Soraga - Vigo di Fassa - Pozza di Fassa - Mazzin - Campitello di Fassa - Canazei

Things to do and see while on holiday in the Val di Fassa
In summer there are countless things to do outdoors. These include free-climbing, Nordic walking, trekking, mountain biking and many other activities.

There are even more things to do in winter, considering that here, we are speaking of the undisputed world skiing capital, with more than  200 km of pistes  for Alpine skiing.
The Val di Fassa district is situated in the centre of the Dolomites Superski area, the largest in the world and here you will find very modern and efficient skiing facilities that will guarantee you perfect skiing conditions (also at night) for the entire skiing season.

At sunset, the rays of the sun that reflect on the particular rock composition of these mountains, instil magical emotions to the surrounding landscape: the Dolomites become a reddish-pink colour giving life to a phenomenon known as enrosadira.

Spacious and comfortable apartments
I must say I was very happy, the apartment was spacious and well separated from the living area at night. I can not give a good rating in this apartment that I recommend to anyone who wants to spend a holiday in the mountains.
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